Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNY Mood....

Going home today at 1pm!!!


And I was soooooo afraid that they would make us stay till 3pm like Christmas eve. =)

My BIG BOSS (CEO) came by just now to shake all of our hands and give us Ang Baos!! Havent opened it yet but according to reliable sources, it should be a blue note! =)

Last night when my bro was packing his room, he found 2 red packets with blue notes inside. We suspect that it orginates from his godmother who always gives us abundantly and in pairs. However, our mum "confiscates" them from us each time so we dun even bother opening it whenever we receive it. My bro thinks he forgot to surrender his red packets to my mum last yr while I already guai guai given mine to her. Hence once in a life-time, he soooooo GENEROUSLY gave me one of it!


Off to a G.O.O.D. start at serious $$$ collection in Mickey Mouse year! =)