Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I may be physically in office now, but my mind is currently in the 3rd dimension...

I'm sooo tired...

Yesterday was a funny but enjoyable day. Initially Cin & I wanted to go sing KTV(our annual event on 14 Feb which started last year) and verbally asking those around us proved fruitless. So much so that we were seriously considering just going ahead with the 3 of us - Cin, Min & myself. Everyone else seemed to have programmes for the day.

But I just told Cin I would give it a last shot and randomly sent 10sms on the morning of 14Feb to ask if people wanted to come along.

Random was REALLY random.

I took away all the couples in the zone, less those whom I know already are engaged, less those whom I think are engaged and hence there came about that 10. For those that I sms, NOT that I think you are "date-less", just be honored that Sab actually considered spending her precious time with you... Sounds so politically correct but that's the truth! =)

Anyway, guess what... It reached a stage that seemed so overly-overwhelming that really scared Cin & myself. It Almost turned out to be a WYZ zone outing!

Even the Rainbow Sunshine Club nearly made a Guest Appearance...

But we did have a surprise Guest of Honor: Karen Tay! =)

What a pleasant surprise!

Anyway, minus those who last min couldn't make it, those who somehow disappeared and those who really wanted to come but was kinda late... we had our "new group" for this year:
- Cin
- William

I haven't laughed soooo hard since.... erhm... Tues night (heehee) when we had supper with Pst and the wonderful leaders at our usual hang-out place after ZM.

Anyway, we screamed and shouted and laughed and screamed and shouted and laughed some more all the way from 8pm till 12mn... Tiring man...

I told the Queen about our annual event and mentioned that this year it was like kinda growing. She exclaimed! How can such a group grow... It should shrink... Well, if all those that initially mentioned that they wanted to come actually came, we would have grown. But somehow since they didn't, I dun think we grew.... =) *phew*

But let's hope that the same time Next yr, the pioneer members of our KTV group (you know who you are) will NO longer be around. And this tradition will be continued by new and younger members? hahahaa....

Fruitfulness in All areas especially THIS area yeah? Let's keep each other in prayers...

Thank you all my dear friends for the wonderful time...

*back to stoning*