Thursday, June 12, 2008

Copied from Gracie's blog...

I chanced upon Grace's blog when I saw the following... So blessed by it that I decided to copy it here! Hee.. Giving you the *credits* here k? =)

The book of Job teaches several lessons:

1) God is sovereign. We cannot understand His workings by rational thinking alone; faith must rest in God's love and our knowledge of Him.

2) We understand ourselves and our lives in direct relationship to our understanding of the character and workings of God. When we understand that God's will toward us is good, that God cares and communicates His caring to His children. Faith must have a resting place. When deep suffering threatens the foundations of faith, an assault on our faith can destroy us unless we are firmly rooted in these truths.

3) In times of tragedy we face the temptation of making God our adversary instead of our advocate. You can focus on declaring your innocence and questioning the justice of God, or we can bow down in humility and wait for God to reveal Himself.

4) The struggle of faith is a personal one. We must test the mettle of our faith in God against uncontrollable forces and win our individual victories. There will be times when family and friends may be taken away from us and we must stand alone.


So chim yet so amazing.... =)