Monday, June 2, 2008

1st hour on 1Jun08

Yesterday was the start of our 21days of prayer.

I was really excited for it though by the time I reached home, it was already kinda late. So taking a last look at my HP at 23:18, I started to pray.

Words came out easily as usual. Not because I'm an eloquent person, but I just love talking to Him. I didn't start by presenting a list of things, more of just sharing my thoughts and struggles at that moment. The more I shared, the more I felt the flow. It was an easy transition between just talking and praying for certain things in my life. I felt so touched that at certain points, I was tearing as I remembered how I started out my walk with Him. The times when I really grew were the times in Uni when I didn't have lessons on certain days. So I had the time to really pray, and it was usually at "weird" hours in the afternoon. How I miss those times actually...

Then at a certain point, I felt led to pray for one of my friends. It wasn't within my expectations to pray for her actually. As in, she wasn't on my mind when I 1st started to pray. But knowing a little of her situation, I began to pray for her. Dun think I will write here what exactly did I pray for her, but I was really moved as I prayed. Suddenly I remembered the 1st time we met. And how the 1st time I got to know her, she lied to me lo (ok I dun think she will ever read this but if YOU do, please know that it's not bitterness that I have against you, but rather it's just something that I will always remember about you :). I remembered how we 1st started out as choir members, moved on to be cgls, how we attended SOT together and ended up being colleagues for a period of time. I actually prayed that she will not go through what I went through last year - one of the dark periods in my life. And thinking of checking how long I've prayed so far, I stole a glance at my HP. It was already 00:09!!!! And I thought I just started praying?? But close to 40mins had already passed!

I continued praying and just talking to Him about other things and finished at about 00:28 (I think, cos I didn't exactly see the time before I said my usual, "Goodnight God".

In the morning, I decided to drop an sms to my friend to tell her that I prayed for her the night before. I didn't receive any reply so when I saw her online, I nudged her and asked if she had gotten my sms. She replied and said that she was actually very touched when she saw that. She was really going through some struggles in her life and had considered leaving church just during the weekend. I was shocked. If you knew who I'm talking here, I'm sure you would be shocked too. She said that after reading my sms, many thoughts came to her mind. And one of them was that whenever the church is moving into a new direction, those who lose vision of it would backslide. And she didn't want to be left behind, so she's ever more determined to hang on now. Shall not talk about the details here, but one thing for sure, my prayers for her were spirit-led. And I'm glad I made a difference.

So for the rest of us still struggling to "clock" 1 hr in prayer, take heart. It's not hard and you never know what your prayers can do.

It may just bring someone into the KOG or stop someone from stepping out of it.

Excited for my encounter later! I wonder what else will happen... =)