Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tue Meeting with Rev Robb Thompson

I didn't attend the session cos I went for Haute Couture instead. But here're the highlights for the night - courtesy of Pat! =)
People are celebrated for their differences, not their similarities.
So we have to discover our differences!

We will never be rewarded for the things that we did right BUT we will be disqualified for the things that we do not do.

We are to change the way we are ON PURPOSE and be the person we are designed to be.

2 Keys to remember:
My Life is a Product of My Own Construction
· What I have produced out of my own life?

Today’s Excellence is Tomorrow’s Mediocrity
· What I do today is what I can build on for tomorrow.
· Everyday is a building block for the next day.

7 Laws of Differences:
1) Law of Pursuit

· You will only possess what you are pursuing.

2) Law of Serving
· A servant is never defined by his willingness to serve but by the EXECUTION of his service.
· Don’t be interested in what you intend to do but look at what you actually have done.
· Keep sowing the seeds and leave the harvest to God.

3) Law of Character
· Whatever you compromise to keep, you will certainly lose it.
· Do what you are supposed to do NO MATTER WHAT!

4) Law of Attitude
· The attitude of a servant determines the atmosphere of the palace.

5) Law of Association
· Every relationship you have is either drawing you closer to or further away from God’s will for your life.
· 3 Different Types of people at each moment of our lives:
a) Compromiser (always trying to get you to lower your standards)
b) Companion (Neither good nor bad for your future. It’s nearly impossible to tell their effect)
- Every relationship has rules to enter in or stay.
c) Committed (Those who are undoubtedly committed to your success)
- Choose the relationships that have chosen you.
- Love those who love you.

6) Law of Problem Solving
· Your value in life is directly linked to the problems you joyfully solve for others.
· Examples: Joseph, Esther, David, Jesus, Timothy.
· Women wants to be loved while men wants to be respected.

7) Law of the Seed
· Everything in your future is created by something in your present.

The Importance of Knowing the Truth
· Deception finds its lies in what people don’t tell you.
· A half truth = A whole lie