Monday, July 28, 2008

Typically lines from Local drama...

Recently I received a weird letter from someone unknown to me from somewhere. It's kinda scary considering several factors and the seemingly "correct" context though it's obviously not for me.

This was what a police officer told me this afternoon.

"Just put No such person, Do not mail to this address again and return it to the sender"

"If you receive anything from him again, call the SingPost number located at the top of your letterbox"

"If the person ever comes to look for you, you can then make a report"

"We cannot do anything about it unless there is a threat"

I seriously wanted to laugh when I heard it. But I stopped myself cos I felt it was kinda rude.

Isn't this something that you will hear when you watch our local drama series? =)

TV is not just reel-life. It's pretty close to REAL life after all.