Sunday, July 6, 2008

Photos from Ravyn... Ballroom Dancing event

Some other photos I found from his Multiply Site:

Busy at work... Somehow my work position is always the same...

My dear Peilu & I

Donny: Let's see if my face is fat. Oh nice... My face in photos is usually fat, except when it's next to Sab...
Sab: Can you just go away?!?!?!

This bunch of people had time to take photos as there were no one else coming to check their sitting arrangement. They were generally reluctant to go in as the rest were playing games... *hahahaa*

Thanks Ravyn for your photos! Now that I finally found them all on Multiply, I promise to never accuse you of being a psycho and just take photos and then keep them all on your computer's desktop. =)