Thursday, July 10, 2008

I just could not resist....


I gave in to the temptation once AGAIN.

I went for........ a HAIR CUT when I told myself that I actually wanna leave longer hair for once. But alas.... I've already chopped off my hair. Too late for any regrets now.

Oh ok... not that it's like I cut armani or something, but well.... This just once again brings me further away from getting the lady-like long hair that I desire... *heeee*

Anyway, it was really rather random that I ended up cutting my hair. I was initially supposed to meet a member for dinner when he suddenly had to cancel it. And so left with nothing to do, I felt so lost that I'm free on a Tues. My other attempts to find things to do or people to meet all came to naught... UNTIL. I remembered that I had "wanted" to cut my hair for the longest time!!!

Cos my ends were really breaking quite badly. And it's quite scary to see them breaking apart like they are some thread from your clothes. And so I called my usual hair dresser thinking of just going for a trim. But all the hair stylist were already going home soon, and so silly me made an appointment with them the next day, forgetting that I had already arranged to meet JD. Immediately after hanging the phone, I realised my foolishness. I was supposed to find something to do on TUES, not WED! *oh man* Sometimes, I really wonder if my brain is working...

And so I just went online and typed in the words "hair salon singapore" when I saw the Monsoon site. Thinking nothing of it, I just clicked and followed the link in. And I realised that it's really not as expensive as I thought as a hair cut plus wash by their senior hair stylist is only $21 at their Marina Square branch. So I just gave them a call, and soon I was only my way there.

Business at MS was really quite slow. Not just their shop. There was only like 5 other customers there at about 8pm. And I was led to this really young looking guy. Some other burly-looking guy washed my hair for me while I sat there waiting for my turn for the trim. The senior hair stylist that cut my hair looks really young... At least I'm quite sure he's younger than me. And strangely to start off small talk, he actually asked me how old I was... *sigh* I refused to answer him! *bleah*

He was dressed really stylo, with earrings and a good fashion sense minus the feminine gestures of some others in the same line. In fact, I would say he's quite good-looking! =)

Anyway, his constant chatter must have gotten into my head. When asking me how much to cut, I told him 2inches when I was only prepared to part with 1 to begin with. He gave me a face at that and asked me why cut so little. But trust me, more than 2inches was taken off. For some strange reason, he guessed that I was an accountant! *oh man.... will someone please enlighten me on how to rid that aura if I do carry one?*

Much of my hair behind was chopped off. I'm really glad about parting with my brittle ends but still... He decided to thicken my fringe too. And initially when he randomly just cut it off just above my eyes, I exclaimed, "Oh dear... I think I look like a dog!" And then I thought to myself, oh man.... I just insulted him... But he was really quite cool about it, and said, "well, that's what you say, not me ah... if you think the hair looks like dog fur, then wat about the face?"

*Sab gives him the evil eye*

Not really quite liking the idea that I need to maintain my fringe, I asked him to cut it as short as possible. So each time he asked if it's ok, I will ask him to make it shorter. UNTIL a certain point where he just paused and stared at me.

Sab: eh... is this the shortest that my fringe can go without making myself look silly?
Him: YES!!! Why do you want it so short anyway?
Sab: so that I do not need to cut it so often? =)
Him: Then why dun you just shave it off?

*Sab give him another evil eye... while thinking "well, if it's in fashion and I look nice in it I would do that actually...*

And so.... Sab is once again with shorter hair than wat she wanted. PLUS lots of people including the hair stylist thinks that I now look Jap, cuter, younger and nicer! Which actually... I only agree with the younger part....

You'll understand what I mean when you see me. He says when I went in, he thought I was a Uni fresh grad trying to look for a job. And initially I wanted to pay by Nets... Until I decided that perhaps I should pay by credit else I would need to leave my seat in the midst of the cutting to key in my pin. And so using the credit gave myself away that I'm not THAT young anymore... Ah well....

That place is really not bad. LOTS of people have already asked me where I cut my hair at today. PLUS it's really not so ex and he's really quite cute, tries hard to chat with you by finding common grounds like, "oh you're a Cantonese? So am I" or "my bro's an accountant too" or "all biz execs are the same, all too busy to cut hair" and many more...


Look no further. It's here... =)