Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking for a needle in a hay stack

Last night while trying to adjust the metal strap of my watch, I dropped the little metal strip that connected it to the face.

The 1st time I dropped it, I found it within 2 seconds.

The 2nd time I dropped it, I lost sight of it after hearing it hit my table top.

The "slight" problem is... my table has stacks of paper on it. 2 stacks actually. Which happen to be not so nicely piled up. They are all my letters and the professional magazines and newsletters that I receive and I tell myself that I need to finish reading them before I can throw them away so that I can keep abreast with new accounting updates.

And so my little "needle" was lost. I really panicked. Cos the watch is gift from my parents not so long ago...

After taking off my contacts which are nearly dropping off by the time I reached home, I started the almost impossible search... And strangely, I managed to find really tiny things like the 2 ear sticks that I dropped ages ago among the stacks of paper I had. Ok to give you a perspective of things, ear sticks are about 1-1.5cm long. And mine are transparent. =) So you can imagine how I felt when I found 2 (!!!) of them and yet still cannot find the metal strip (which in comparison is about 1 inch long and silver in colour).

Just when I was about to give up, I spotted the thing right ON TOP of my top shelf (my study table is actually an old computer table). I was elated!!! =)

I immediately stuck the strip back to the strap so that I do NOT lose it again.

At that moment, a thought crossed my mind:

Imagine I couldn't find it. It would be an irony to own the watch. An automatic watch that supposedly can be used forever but could not be used cos it can no longer be worn around the hand without the metal strip...


Anonymous said...

but if u really cant find the strip, still can replace it mah?