Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My New Colleague (Part 2)

She's really very funny... Even early in the morning...

Quotes from her:

1) Everyone should have their daily dosage of vitamin U. So that they can me more "U-mo" (humorous in Mandarin).

2) But please dun take the wrong kind of vitamin U. Then you will become more "U-yu" (depressed in Mandarin).

3) I feel like I'm working in a prison. Cos the boss seems to like to "interrogate" you. (She made this remark aft boss told LC, CSS & SL into her room for a meeting).

4) Wah.... Did you see their standing positions inside her room? CSS was like in Ser-nan-di-ri position while listening to her... *faintz*

She's really quite nice & funny. Just that she needs to learn how to be more tactful, less quick-tempered and not show her displeasure so obviously... :/