Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kickboxing!!! =)

Thanks to Pst, we had kickboxing on Tues after our Leaders' Meeting! =)

Was so looking forward to it the whole day... It was fun! But somehow I didn't perspire as much as I thought I would. And the only aches that I had was cos I laughed too hard... =)

As usual, let the pictures do the talking...

I got lost while trying to do the WARM UP... =(

Position ready for Front Kick

Pst is power! You should have been there to see all his kicks... *jaw-dropped*

Here's why I had aches from laughing...



Posing at every possible angle

We're ready to FIGHT!

The End of our Kickboxing Session... =)

Interesting!!! Seriously dun mind doing it again! Hee...

P/S: Gerry, what happened to our cricket cum phoenix crawl pose???? =(