Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tues Meeting with Pst Mike

The meeting we had last night with Pst Mike was amazing...

I wanted to leave at 7pm, but LC told me that I better not leave too early in case the internal auditors think I've got nothing to do on the 1st day of month-end closing...

And so I waited... and waited... and waited... and waited till 8pm to go. And like a few moments before I wanted to pack up and leave, boss suddenly came in with all the barang barang and looks like she wants to stay put.


She always comes out when it's time for pple to go... But I die die thickened my skin to "escape" while she was in an almost heated discussion with SS. So by the time I reached, it was just after worship where Pst D was praying.


I only missed praise and worship lo. Just in time to hear him preach! And indeed it was a good word. So amazing... And after theory ended, practical started. He taught us how to "deliver ourselves". I tried it and it works! Though I did a book review about it when I was in SOT, it never worked on me then. Maybe cos I rushed out the WHOLE book review in ONE night. All 20polus to 30 chapters of it! I did it from 8pm in the night till 6am the next morning. And even tried out what the book mentioned. *heee*

Anyways, it was a great meeting and I do feel lighter today. Literally. Seeing some of the things that used to evoke certain emotions in me previously didn't seem to have the same effect today. PTL! =)

Working towards a changed lifestyle so that such things no longer have a hold on me.