Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was talking to one of my mbrs last night. It's really been such a loong time since I spoke on the phone till after 0230hrs.

So while we were talking, one thing that really burned strong in my heart was the love for God's Word.

That really, many times we place a great deal of importance on Praying & Fasting. Not that they are not good, I do believe that both are powerful in their own ways. BUT. Just doing both is NOT enough.

I've come to realise that many of us Christians fight the devil with our bare hands. We wear the "full" armour of God BUT do not carry the Sword. Perhaps we are not so good at using our Swords or we do not even carry it. That's equivalent to not knowing His Word, not having it written on the tablets of our heart. So effectively we are "fighting" the devil without any weapons. We try to defend ourselves with the shield, block off the fiery darts with our breastplate and try to stand firm cos we remember that we cannot turn back since our backs are not protected.

So we are always just found on the defensive side. When he attacks, we block. PERIOD.

Yet God has given us a Sword. Why are we not using it? Cos we are too tired to read His Word. Too lazy to study His Word. Too busy to meditate on His Word.

And the result is laid-back, complacent and powerless religion.

I've enough of that.

So how many warriors do I have here that are ready to take up the FULL armour of God to defend AND to OFFEND so that we can conquer new ground?


Anonymous said...

hi hi

i still remember one of your entry was about prayer and reading God's word, your weapon to grow cg.