Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thoughts on the train

As I was on my way to work today, I somehow managed to grab a seat on the crowded train...

I was just listening to the song "Had a bad day" - Chipmunks version that I've gotten hold of from my dad's hp when suddenly a lot of emotions started to overwhelm me.

Out of nowhere I just thought of what I read yesterday from Gerry's last blog entry, on how she was struggling initially in the beginning of 2007 and thoughts of how I personally struggled overwhelmed me. It was kinda bad cos there on the train, I started to tear...

No way I'm gonna succumb to those thoughts once more! I will get up again though I may fall. Maybe cos I'm sick and have been eating so much medicine that I'm not really as sharp, so I'm kinda weak physically and mentally that the devil comes in to strike me. But i lean on the Word of my God that No weapon formed against me shall propser, No kingdom raised against me shall stand.

Work today is like a battle field once again. My things seemed to have been due yesterday while I'm only doing them today. But it's ok.

I will conquer ALL.