Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Latest Craze....

This is the show that is causing me to have sleepless night these few days.

But I finally finished watching it online last night!!! =)

This is the 2nd show that made me diligently and consciously try to reach home by 10pm every weekday nights so that I could watch it. (The 1st one was Winter Sonata. So as you can see, I'm not a REAL die-hard Korean Drama fan...) I soon realised that many times I would have to give it a miss due to the other commitments and outings that I had... So sadz that I wouldn't be able to catch it. Hence I decided to fast forward the whole process by watching it online! =)

Seriously when I 1st started watching it, it was just like any other ordinary show. But I soon got addicted to it given the funny characters and storyline. Ok the storyline is kinda typical... But somehow such "safe" story lines never fails to capture audiences. It sets the imagination of girls especially that there is still such a thing as "living happily ever after with the guy of your dreams"... Even if you do not look the prettiest and may even behave like a tomboy... hahahaaa... Yes I can see many female heads nodding in unison... =)

And the actors / actresses are real cool! "Han Yoo Ju" is so pretty!! Initially I didn't think "Choi Hon Kyul" was good looking too, until much later. Cos I think the way he smiles is so child-like, so genuine especially when he thinks of the female lead. * sweet*

Anyway I think the show's great and I strongly recommend you to catch it if you've nothing to do on weekday nights at 10pm. =)

Oh ya, seems that Season 2 might be on the way... Not quite good news to me cos that means I will have more sleepless nights again... =(