Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Charles Whitehead

Yesterday we had the privilege of hearing from this really nice and powerful man - Charles Whitehead...

Before the actual meeting, a few of us were talking (read: joking) about his very UNIQUE surname - Whitehead. I was asking Pat what time was the meeting and she said it starts at 730pm. I asked her if it can start at 745pm instead and she said, "But I'm not Pst Whitehead." In reply I said, "Ya, cos you're Pst BLACKHEADS!!!" heheheee.... And Merv was talking to Min, saying that later he will be playing bass, so please stop him when he goes down the stage and walks towards Pst Whitehead with Oxy10 in his hand... *jialat*

Anyway, I must say that he's a really good speaker. Very surprised when Pst Derek introduced him saying that he's a Roman Catholic! But he's a REALLY nice person, very gentlemanly - a typical English man. He shared with us his and his wife's interesting life testimony and many other stories telling us how natural evangelism can be. That even at times when we are not purposefully trying to evangelise, God can still use us at those moments to bring others around us to Him. So amazing... Two stories particularly struck me - the one on the plane and the other one in the train. Dun think I will share them here in case Pst does invite him back for him to preach in our services! =) To me he's kinda like the Catholic version of Pst Ulf!!! But of course minus his signature "taking off jacket" pose and "dancing round the stage" moves when he's excited... =)

But while he was sharing about his experience on the train, I suddenly remembered about my own train experience in China! Oh how I miss that place... When am I going back to that place again???

So many people are going overseas this year and everyone is asking me to join them. How I wish I could... But I lack VitM! =( At least from now till end Apr that is, unless a miracle happens!

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