Friday, January 4, 2008

Early in the morning...

I woke up this morning at an unearthly hour of 5.45am...

Can you guess why in the world did I wake up so early for???

Is it to pray?

Is it to go for a jog?

Is it to eat breakfast with some special people? (If it's just me, I rather not eat if I need to wake up so early)

IF you guessed it correctly (you can tag me)... I will give ya a *HUGZ* (provided you're a gal), if you're a guy, I will give ya a pat on the back... =)





Yes, at such ungodly hour...

The sky was still pitch-dark when I woke up. I kept snoozing my HP alarm and at the back of my head kept thinking when is the latest that I can stay in bed till... So at the time that I decided that there's no way I can leave my hse at 6.25am if I get up any later, I pulled myself out reluctantly.

So faithfully at 6.25am, I left my hse while it was still dark. Cannot remember the last time I actually stepped out of my hse before the sky brightened. I used to do that a lot while I was in JC cos my school is crazily far (I used to leave my hse at 6.05am DAILY during that time and I never once took a cab to school! So proud of myself... Heee...).

And then I realised that half of CCK has already woken up. Cars are all over the roads, people everywhere. Even the train was ridiculously crowded!!! I had to squeeze my way through but thankfully I only needed to take it to BG.

My instructor was already waiting for me there when I reached... Thank God I heeded my bro's advice to not eat my drowsy medicine last night, else I dun think I would be in the right frame of mind to wake up, much less drive. Circuit wasnt so bad... Just that I need to REMEMBER to keep my speed S.L.O.W. and which <dot> to follow and when to turn and how much to turn...

*God I pray that EVERYTHING that I've learnt this morning will stay with me as long as it's necessary. AMEN*

Please continue to pray that I will PASS my test on 28th Jan 08... And if you know me personally, I just might be able to drive you around in my brother's car when he's overseas or in-camp! =)

So tired now...