Thursday, January 31, 2008

Charity Day (12Dec07)

This is the day where all our revenue for the day goes to Charity after deducting our expenses. This is also the day whereby all the various departments are supposed to dress up according to whatever theme that we choose. And for us, we're the PIRATES! =)

Here are some group photos first:

The 2 YOUNG ones at the right side are 2 contract staff - LL (who gave me all his collection of JC songs) and Shan*2

The unknown people are our back-office settlement staff

Some interestingly dressed people that I chose to take photos with:

Wonder (Wo)Man

Spiderman and ?? (dun remember the name)
Stars that we invited for the day:
Adrian Pang

Fiona Xie

Felicia Chin

Me, Fiona & Shan*2

My dept and all 3 of them, taken just before they left for the day
They were hired to motivate the staff to push for higher revenue as well as to take to the banks to trade with us. So clever right? All in all we managed to raise close to S$1mil on this day.