Friday, January 2, 2009

Things I received that matters to me... =)

As Christmas approached, I saw this on my table one day when I returned home. And I immediately knew who it was from! It's the Queen who remember me though she was afar way...

Unforgettable handwriting cos we used to write lots lots lots to each other when we were in JC. =)

Here's what the pretty card looks like:

And the words inside were most touching... I miss ya too my Queen! Still planning the finances for our trip. Let ya know again soon k? Ask me if i dun get back to you when you need to know... =)

And this was what I sent back to her:

And these were some of what I received over the festive season:

Dear Cin gave me the beautiful-est necklace also! But I didn't take a photo of it so cannot upload it here.
The one momento that's really precious from Pst:

Thanks for everything that you've done Pst! =) I meant every word that I sms-ed you the other night. =D All of us are B.L.E.S.S.E.D. to have you and will run this race with you!