Monday, March 23, 2009

RL's bday celebration

This is long over-due but well, your friend here only has her leave days to blog. Heh. Ok well not exactly but... =)

2 Sundays ago we finally met up to celebrate RL's bday. Her bday was early Mar but we all could not find a "coincid-able" time to meet up until then. We went for a jazz concert at Esplanade (just RL and me) followed by dinner at Cafe Cartel. KT arrived late and hence we had to wait for her to finish all her food before we set off for the much awaited moment for the night! BTW, it was not the candle-blowing moment. But rather that fact that we are going to Equinox!

My virgin visit with these 2 peeps
Amazing view from our window:

Red marks the SPOT for Carlton Hotel

Our spread for the late night

My drink!!! Really nice. erhm. Strawberry something. Heh.

Me & my drink. As you can see, I was already vv tired by then. See my face after mustering a really weak smile... =)
Next NICE place that we went to before we called it a night: the TOILET!
It has 8 mirrors in their dressing room!!!

Testing my shot

Perfecting it without the cam in view... =)

Group photo for the night