Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our one-day Batam trip! =)

Our last min trip which turned out to be a huge success! =)

Yours truly was late and hence we could only board the 930am ferry to our destination.

CSE & WN on our ferry

My turn to take with CSE

Our "lomo" shot from the iPhone

The place we did our massage at

Lunch! *yummy*

The ulu place we washed our hair at. It costs only S$4! Actually wanted to capture the "authentic" deco of this place, but ended up being a comparison for what the person did.
This is the BEFORE shot

And here's the AFTER shot. She asked me if I wanted to spray my hair. I look like I'm ready to attend a wedding dinner! *hehehe*

Our parting shot. Until... Sept is it you both say? *hmmmm*

Thoroughly enjoyed myself! =)