Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Nanny

She is not related to me by blood or by anything else. Yet she loved me and many other kids as her own while she took care of us when we were young.

I went back to the house where I grew up in. Stayed there for the 1st 5 years of my life. Went to school there, marketing there and practically wanted to stay there my whole life actually.

The buildings around there have gone. Burnt down by a huge fire many years ago. The inside had minimal changes though. With an extra room after upgrading, almost everything else remaind the same. Hmm, except that my uncle passed away 5years ago...

I told her that when I grow up and earn money, I will definitely give it to her and take care of her.

Time flies. We have grown up, she has grown old. And I still wanna keep my word. Love her lots! =)