Sunday, December 5, 2010

beyond all that people have to say about hard-selling, targets, fame, money and all in the church, at the end of the day, nothing can replace those moments where it is just me and Him.

as Dec creeps by ignoring our pleas to slow down, the harsh reality of many things being out of our control stares hard at us squarely in the face.

nevertheless, just as time moves on unrelentlessly, so do our lives.

making the best of it, yes that is what i want to achieve. but is that really enough?

when the unexpected suddenly turns on you, how would you react, what would you do.

the one place that many turn away from, i'm somehow quite glad that that very place is where i can run to.

my tower of refuge, the comforting shoulder that drew me in from the very beginning, the longest distance our mind is from - where our knees meet the cold hard floor.


a word not for the fainthearted. but very very necessary.