Monday, December 10, 2007

Mini DHSSB 1996 Gathering

I went for a mini DHSSB 1996 gathering on Sunday.

Firstly I wanna apologise to LM for being late... *Sorry my dear*

She so kindly offered to send me there yet I was late, and my dear friend actually went all the way home and then came out again to send me there! * So touched*

We were like 30mins late, and to our joy there were already people there when we reached! =)

YH and her husband Khet (who had grown to be like a part of us...), KJ and JT were already there. Our KJ as usual looks so much like a small little boyboy... But mai siao siao k. He's a Financial Planner, a Housing Agent, Assistant Manager of a flower shop and a Managing Director of his OWN company. He told us he sleeps like 4hrs a day, managing his US inventory-based company and watch his stocks while US works... Truly I'm so amazed... He's non like the person we knew back then. In our batch, only like 6-7 out of 500 whose results could not make it JC and his results were kinda close to those 6-7 people. And now look at him. How people change, thank God for the better.

Others slowly streamed in... People like ZK (a rare guest!), and of course the usual GH, LQ and Ryan (her BF). I was thinking, what a good representation: 3 from woodwinds, 3 from brass and 1 percussion. hehehe... I truly wonder how would it be like to have an official major gathering, even if it's just for my batch. I heard people like LJ already has a baby boy! I believe she's the 1st to be a mum... =)

After the usual catch-ups, we adjourned to another place in Siglap - The Coffee Club. And then I realised that out of 8 of us, 7 drove. No prizes for guessing who didn't.


It's like all of a sudden, thoughts like what am I actually doing with my life came gushing to me once again... All my peers are successful people... Let's see, we have 2 signed-on navy crew, a teacher, an entrepreneur, an audit supervisor, a banker, a doctor, 2 pharmaceutical engineers and me... I'm just a small little accountant struggling to make some decent savings... :'(


What am I doing with my life?

Can anyone help me answer this question...


I guess the only comfort I have is that I dun need to go through what our dear LQ has to. Seriously we all do not really like her BF but after listening to what he has gone through, I kinda pity him. They are our modern version of R&J. While the rest all had so many things to say on how to encourage them and get her mum to allow them to get married, I somehow just remained quiet. Once again, the real me surfaces in front of all the "I" people.

But I really wanna wish LQ all the best. It's not going to be an easy life for her from now till a long long time from now... And she's such a sweet gal...

God I pray that You'll be there with her whenever she has to go through all these...

Oh I do miss hanging out with them. People who have known me half my life. More than half actually. Been through so many things since those times. It's great to have such gatherings. =)

Thanks to GH for always being such a sport to organise such gatherings! =)


After such a gathering, many things going through my head actually.

But back to the question of what am I doing with my life... I think this is something that I'll be thinking about till 2007 ends. Something that I will no doubt be praying about at least till then as well...

God I commit my life into Your hands. I know You will never short-change me no matter how reality may seem to be now... :'(