Sunday, December 16, 2007

Will the REAL me please stand up

Before I actually go about writing about Charity Day, I just thought I would blog on this instead. Just some observations and thoughts on this...

Well the other time in my Mini DHS Gathering post I mentioned about how the real me was someone that kept quiet listening to the conversations of my friends who tried to help LQ with getting married. Plus what I heard and experienced today, it made me think further about being real.

Which is the real me actually? The one who's the life of the party talking and joking loudly or the quiet girl blending in nicely with the background.

Though a large part of me seems to agree with the latter, but I dun think I'm being a fake when I'm the life of the party. I guess it's just a different side of me which comes out as and when it is necessary. Though if given the choice, I seriously do NOT mind being the person who just listens.

But I soooooo agree with what Pst says, that if we wanna soar like eagles then we need to stop hanging around turkeys. There have been countless people that I've seen with such great potentials but some how when they hang out with people so-called their good friends, they become someone almost unrecognisable. A compulsion to fit in? Perhaps. But if I need to change to a different person just to fit in with my good friends, then are these people really my good friends? And if that is the real me instead, does that mean the person that seemingly has potential is not the real me? I'm using the 1st person sentence structure not because that's happening to me, but I guess this will seem less threatening just in case the person I'm referring to happens to chance upon this post. =)

To me, good friends are NOT good friends to me if there are so many things that I dare not say to them. If there is no open communication, such ones are not my good friends. Not that I need to share EVERYTHING but I share cos I trust the person. Else, I'm sorry but you are not my good friend. I'm just not the type to segregate my life. If you dun trust me, then dun bother sharing cos I won't be interested as well.

I guess it's inevitable that we live our lives with different facades. BUT I thought being a christian unmasks a person so that we become real. What is being real?

Quiet vs Loud (it's still real)

But mannerisms to me if they change, then one of it is not real. If one moment you're edifying, saying and doing all the right things but once the group of people around you changes and you turn into an uncouth, inconsiderate and timid person something is wrong in this picture. The real you is the not-so-nice person I'm afraid...

So the moral of the story is, if you wanna soar in the sky then hang around people who wants to fly as well!

Stay away from those that hold you back, talk bad about others (esp their OWN leaders), enjoy having their own pity-party, dwell on the negative all the time, talking about how glorious their PAST was.

Come on, get over it! IF you truly wanna move on, then move. Stop commenting on others that wanna move on and despise their small beginnings.

Somehow I think I digressed along the way but that's just how I feel about friends.

There. Hee... =)