Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3 Museums in 2 days... Night Festival

EG & I went to the Night Festival on Friday night. Quite an interesting event considering the number of events going on, all at the same time. Plus you get to go to all the various museums and neighbouring places all for FREE!!!

So we ventured into wherever we could and I took a few shots as rememberance...

Old Chinese newspapers (strangely it looks a little like the ob...)

Cool puppets! =)

Old records - CDs of the past

They look like coasters to me but I ve no idea what they are... But they are so pretty and colourful that I just had to take a shot of them... =)

Tuperwares of the past!

This exhibit has 99 life-sized wolves all running in circular motion. Then at a certain point, they knock against an invisible force and they all fall into a mess as above... Quite scary if you ask me...

Grand piano! NICE! =)

Old newspapers - cute advert

Sailor's cigarettes and ash tray

The prints used to print the newspapers

Guess who is the guy in the center???

Old cinema advert

World's slowest SMS billboard =)

Drag show! There was a side show below the stage that we witnessed... A sign of progess says someone... Hmm...

Coolie quarters

Coins I used as a kid. Now they are part of a museum exhibit. Sigh... ...
And this marks the end of my museum adventures!


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