Monday, July 19, 2010

My Mediterranean Lunch at Pahang Street

Out of the blue last night, my co's ex-intern invited me for lunch - as celebration for my new job and before he begins his job search after his graduation (and before his dear gf comes back from US of cos...)

So he brought me to this really nice place with really YUMMY food!!!

Here's our mushroom soup, pitas, garlic bread and spreads. ALL VERY YUMMY!!!
Turkish mixed grill - yummy too!

Iced Mint tea - the best I've had so far! *serious*

French *something* caramel - egg pudding
All in all was really good food and he so graciously gave me a treat cos the last time we went out together with his brother, I gave them a treat. =)
Yes next time, I would wanna go there again!!! *yummy*