Friday, December 12, 2008

Charity Day 2008

Ok I've finally uploaded photos from CHARITY DAY 2008!!! =)

These are just from my cam. There are many more from other's camera that I'm waiting for them to send to me.... So here are the sneaks. =)

When I just reached office...

Me after lunch - note the cushion that covers my stomach... Hee.

Our GOAL-KEEPER!!! Haaa...

Pretty "Indian" ladies...

Cleopatra? =)

Ka-chang Putay (wo)Man

Another pretty "Indian"

So cool costume right?? I really have no idea who he is but I just stopped him at the buffet table. Hee...
OK. Now's time for those photos with the S~T~A~R~S:
Jade Seah (She's the prettiest in real-life to me)

Joanne Peh

Michelle Chia

Jamie Yeo
Yup and so until my colleagues send me more photos.... Enjoy the above! =)