Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A surprise SMS

I received an sms from a foreign overseas number this morning.

Really not knowing who, I replied asking who that person was. And since it contained my name in that message, I kinda assumed that it was really meant for me. Without much thought, I immediately thought that the Queen had sms me with her new number! And so happily I msn her. Hahhaaa...

Then when the reply came, it was really a nice surprise! It was actually from my ex-ex-ex-cgl! =)

She had sent it wrongly to me but who cares... Hahaha... It was indeed a rare chance considering she's in US now and had been travelling so so often since we last met or even spoke actually. And so we agreed that we should meet up once she has the chance to dwell in Singapore a little longer when her work allows.

Looking forward to that day. I will ask all (ok maybe NOT all) my ex-members along. It will be such a memorable gathering... =)

(p/s: XY, how could you have forgotten about her sia... So disappointed in you... heee... Until our 4 Rochester dinner! =)