Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dinner with WYZ

And so tonight instead of having a normal zone meeting, we went for dinner altogether at Happy Pay! Well, we weren't exactly so happy paying but fellowship was fun nevertheless! And we had a Guest of Honor with us today! I had to cross all my fingers & toes before she finally appeared lo... =)

Photos courtesy from Ravyn who so excitedly sent me the moment I came online:

KT & I before we ate & ate & ate...

Grabbing food with LC

Beautiful people at my unique table of Elders...

Group photo taken by Ravyn (can you find me?)

Group photo taken by George
And I manged to hitch a free ride almost all the way home, courtesy of Miss FanFan! Yeah! That's to make up for the damage caused by the dinner. And there's more food tmr as it's finally our Charity Day!!! =(
More photos with all the *stars* tmr!!! Hee... =)