Sunday, February 14, 2010


was just nuah-ing and watching tv this morning when i learnt something new.

there are basically 2 reasons why our wedding rings are worn on our 4th finger.

i remember asking my mum this when i was young, and she told me it's because there is a main blood vessel from our 4th finger that leads straight to the heart. hence it's like our spouse being closet to our heart.

the 2nd reason i heard from tv today is this:
- clashing our hands tog, we are able to separate all of our fingers away from each other without moving the others.
- thumbs represent out parents, which we will eventually separate from them when we get married
- index represents our siblings
- middle represents our relatives
- baby represents our children
- and then you will realize that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to separate our 4th finger apart, and so this represents our spouse.

really interesting!

Happy Valentines Day to one & all! =)