Thursday, February 4, 2010

In my own world

i realised this morning tt with my shades on, i slip into my own world.

as i inched towards the mrt door and the sun glared at me, i put on my shades. with my ipod blasting and the world a shade darker, i felt enveloped into a world of safety. although the pple still crowded ard me, somehow they seem less intimidating. with stares all ard me, i felt safe tt no one can see my eyes as i slip into a world of my own.

suddenly it's like no one can hurt me, no one can touch me anymore. no longer do i feel the need to push pple away so that they dun lean on me - males & females.

such a strange feeling.

makes me wanna keep my shades on all the time tt i'm on the train.

bye world.