Sunday, February 28, 2010

A warp reason for me to wake up early next Sunday

This conversartion took place the last 3mins that I was on a cab this morning:

Driver (D): turn left hor?
Me (S): yes
D: wah miss u very pretty eh.
S: eh. Tks.
D: stop here?
S: further ahead pls.
D: miss u very demure eh. U 25 or 26 tis year?
S: nope. Much older.
D: oh really ah? Dun look like eh. U can save a lot of money one right? Never buy branded goods and stuff kind.
S: eh. Ok la.
D: yes la. Can save a lot one. Although I know u dun want the receipt I'm still going to give u, for souvenir sake k. So next sunday I'll see u at the same place to drive u to expo?
S: *silence*

And so, I think next sunday I'll ensure I wake up early and take mrt for svc...