Friday, December 26, 2008

A Touching walk along Orchard Road

Having the need to get something for my friend yesterday, I went to Taka with JY.

Due to Christmas celebrations, a stretch of Orchard was closed (the part from Tangs to Paragon). And so yesterday was the 1st time I walked across that road without having the need to worry about cars in broad daylight.

As i crossed it, i managed to see clearly the various floats that were parked along that stretch for visitors & tourists to take photos of. Christmas songs & hymns filled the air as everyone was still basking in the festive mood.

But for some strange reason, I actually felt very touched as I crossed the road. Seeing all the floats describing about the birth of Jesus, the Nativity scene everywhere and listening to the music, I was thinking, "if only the throngs of people celebrating Christmas here know what Christmas is really about and are celebrating it cos they know the Person whose birthday, death & resurrection had changed the world... That would be so so magnificent."

If only they knew...

If only you knew...