Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sometimes it all feels so tiring and alone

like no one else bothers with wat really matters

sometimes even the person doesnt even bother

makes me wonder then why am i even doing all these

when u face a cold wall, wat would u do

it cools the warmth in ur heart n leave u standing speechless

when u beckon into nothingness, wat would u do

ur words seem to disintegrate into the same vacuum that they belong to

perhaps i need a break

but there's no time for one

the end draws near with few along my side

where are the ones that were running with me

at such times i really miss You

You'd know wat to do

tell me would You

tell me

Saturday, September 26, 2009

オタク (Otaku)

Yes. That is me for today...

Well at least I managed to return my library books, bought toiletries... Haha... Okok I know... that is such.... :/

But but but but... I'm so proud of myself! I'm getting closer to finishing my goal of finishing a book a month! Not to mention that I'm close to reading ALL the books ever written by John Grisham! Just went to borrow another 3 today, which means i'm only about 4-5 books from completing all his books after this 3! Yes... I'm so proud of myself. Hehehe.... =)

Now to move on to packing my table. I need to clear it. Yes. Please have the perseverance for that....


Last night I went to watch a movie with WT and T. It was kinda like an impromptu decision as we sat there to eat at Cineleisure...

It's about a group of young people striving hard to get into the top performing arts school in America, and how they let their potential bloom in it. Talks about how budding talents let their ambitions take over, getting cheated in the process but learning nevertheless not to give up on their dreams even if without support from their parents and such. About how sometimes the want to earn money takes over the initial want to master their art, about how fame can cause some to let go of relationships that are dear to them.

Mildly realistic I would say. Wouldnt say that I was very impressed with the movie. But it definitely has lots of common grace in it. Lots of it. And though I wasnt very "wow-ed" by it, the 2 young ones with me seem to beg to differ. In fact, they were motivated to go back to school to pursue their dreams.

As to how far they get still remains to be seen. I sure hope they do. =)

And hopefully this will propel many others who watch this to pursue their dreams. Life is too short to waste it away doing something we do not like.

But of cos, let's not forget that with Him we will get far. Further than what we can attain based on just our hard work & the luck that many wistfully hope for. =)

this is bad

oh man....

i'm feeling lazy to even go for one of my fave activities... wat's happening to me?!?!?!


no more k sab. from mon onwards, no more being lazy!

please peeps, jio me out for some sports will ya? :/

less of eating, drinking, shopping and merry-making...

but of cos i'll still oblige depending on who's asking.... =)))

Friday, September 25, 2009

wonders why the new song I added is only 30sec? it's not like that in my playlist in imeem! =(

Eggy Tart-da!

My 1st attempt at baking egg tarts!!! =)
Not too hard actually. But very Very VERY tiring, which is really stange since we never really worked hard...
But well....
I definitely think it's much easier to buy it! *heh*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inaugral WYZ Adults Refresh Retreat

After waiting for a long time for the long weekend, ALAS... Everything is over as I'm sitting here typing this... But thankfully, I'm on leave until WEDNESDAY!!! *yeah* =)))))))

But personally I really think the trip was awesome! Even though there were only 2 main sessions with Pst preaching, but for both sessions, I met God.

PZ preached on having a Second Touch from God during the 1st session, while the 2nd session was on Dreams.

While we were worshipping God, I was brought back to the days of my SOT. Where every morning we woke up early for P & W before lessons began. But it was not really the times of P & W tt God brought me back to. It was the attitude I had that moment I decided to go SOT.

A time when almost EVERYONE discouraged me from quitting my stable good prospects job to go study. I still remember my senior looking at me with the most serious & sincere eyes, telling me not to leave. He says that if I stay, in 6 months time I would actually be earning the salary of the top 5% of all working people in Singapore. Seriously I doubted his statistics, but the potential S$ 800 salary jump still did nothing to stop me. My parents spoke to me a hundred times to ask me to reconsider. My bro was roped in to stop me. But I still went ahead because I loved God and His word.

Would I still do the same thing now? Seriously. I'm not sure. I really am not sure. I really wanna say I would. But there seems to be too many things at stake. I guess if it were a rhema from God, I eventually would do what He says. But it's no longer the same radical attitude that I had 5yrs ago... That's the check for my heart that God wanted me to do during that morning.

And I received a revelation while PZ was reading a simple verse from Matt 14:32.
" ... when they got into the boat, the wind ceased... "

Jesus was with Peter when Peter cried out for help. But yet the wind did not cease when Jesus helped Peter back to the boat. The wind only ceased when both of them have stepped into the boat. Hence we can see that when we cry out for Jesus to help us in our lives, He would come. Yet our circumstances would not change the moment Jesus comes. Jesus wants to work TOGETHER with us, to get us to where He wants us to be eventually before the storm will cease. So in every storm, we would learn a lesson, gain an experience where Jesus will bring us through.

Amazing ya? To me at least. Awaiting to step into the boat with Jesus! =)

Well of cos there were plentiful of games during the retreat, and yours truly led one tiny tiny portion of it.

But to me way beyond the games & stuff, I still wanna say I was very very glad I went.

Cos I met Him.

Wholesome Shallowness?

A beautiful entry written by PK himself:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great Meet Ups

These few weeks have been a great time of meeting and catching up with various dear ones. *happie* =)

Since just last Friday (the weeks before that I cannot recall cos I simply met up with too many people):

Met up with some of the Garden for drinks last week. Memorable man.... :/

Met up with J & D on Sat for lunch, a really funny couple.

Later I'll be meeting up my JC gang from 25/97! *woohoo*
Pity EY cannot make it, else it would be so fun!

Many more coming up real soon... Just like my Garden KTV and Dinner! *yay* =)))

People only think to the level of what they are exposed to. If you want to think big expose yourself to bigger things.

AR Bernard

Friday, September 11, 2009

yes i'm getting ready for the 6hrs long KTV session with Roo and the rest of the Garden. *hehe*

but thankfully I'm only able to reach after 4pm.

so that makes me ROUND 2 only.

miss ya Roo!!! Be back soon!!! =)

陶喆 寂寞的季节

作词:娃娃 作曲: 陶喆

oh~ 给下个季节

oh~ 整条街 都是恋爱的人

当季节不停更迭 oh~

oh~ 我记得那狂烈

oh~我了解 那些爱过的人

当季节不停更迭 oh~


Thursday, September 10, 2009


曲: 許 環 良  
詞 : 林秋 離




你的脆弱 讓我走不開
你的依賴 所以我存在

想著你 還是想到心痛
期待我做的 將來你都會懂

有一天 真如果有一天

Monday, September 7, 2009

I was going home from somewhere just now when I saw the person whom I said led a double life. Sometimes it's really scary. Like I was just going down the escalator when I had this feeling like in the place, I'm going to see someone that I know.

And then 2 seconds later, that person with a friend catches my eye though they didn't see me. It's like so many things would have caused me not to see them, yet at that moment I still did.

If I had drank my drink slower. If we had stoned on the table longer. If I had decided to take my bus back instead. So many Ifs, yet I still saw them. Someone that I hadn't seen for almost 1 and a half yrs, though many others have on separate occasions told me that they bumped into that person.

God, please let this be a closure.


The End.

Partly Cloudy

Before the movie Up starts, Pixar added a short production in front of it with the above name. It's really cool! Tried loading the YouTube version here but it failed....

So if you have the time, go search for it in YouTube. =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mindless jokes of the weekend

Qn: Do you know why XXX is so short?
Ans: He has a bad attitude.
Reason: Because our Attitude determines our Altitude.


A gathering of CGLs always manifests the fact that all are CFS.

WR: Chronic Fatigue Symdromes
Me: Certified Fast Sleepers

Friday, September 4, 2009


Was talking to Reika just now. Was telling her that I wanna give her a bday treat and this was what she replied....

[17:34] Reika : lol
[17:34] Reika : no need lah
[17:35] Reika : i wanna laugh with you together again
[17:35] Reika : hahas!

What a sweet & cute gal ya? =)

Would some of my members please LEARN from her and stop trying to suck me dry all the time?

*tsk tsk

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Looking Forward to the 彩虹 after this downpour...




看不見你的笑 我怎麼睡得著
沒有地球太 陽還是會繞
沒有理由 我也能自己走

你要離開 我知道很簡單
你說依賴 是我們的阻礙
就算放開 但能不能別沒收我的愛


Tell me, where can I find rainbows?
Can you return my wish back to me?
Why is the sky still so calm?
All the clouds have amassed above me

Do you have a spare face mask to lend me?
Because I said too much, now it will not eventuate
Maybe time is an antidote
Or the poison I'm taking right now

Without seeing your smile, how can I sleep?
Your voice is so close yet I cannot hug you
The sun will continue orbiting even without the Earth existing
I can walk away from you without a reason

You want to leave, I know it is (a) simple (thing)
You said reliance was the major barrier between us
If you choose to let go but don't remove my love for you
I'll just pretend that I understand in the end

Without seeing your smile, how can I sleep?
Your voice is so close yet I cannot hug you
The sun will continue orbiting even without the Earth existing…orbiting
I can abandon you without a reason
Because I said too much, now it will not eventuate
Maybe time is an antidote… antidote
Or the poison I'm taking right now