Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The day where tons of "new" pple talk to me on MSN - suddenly

Today was a really unique day.

I had 5 pple that dun usually talk to me at all, talking to me on MSN.

Discounting one that did that just to get me to do something (which I refuse to cos I was really busy), the rest came to talk to me sincerely without any hidden agenda. I love such folks.

One was my ex-member's frd's frd. *hehehe* Such a sweet gal. I'll ensure I drop by to visit her the next time I go to Far East.

Then there was my JC frd. Who comforted me after my depressing day...

Then there was JA! Who gave me tips on how to be happier and more focused.

Yes I can do it. Stop being so ... I shall be happier once I achieve that. One of the things that I wanna achieve.