Saturday, April 17, 2010

the time of the night

i always believe that there is something magical about night time.

yes i'm definitely nocturnal.

somehow late nights are times when u let ur guard down.

when u begin blabbering things you shouldnt (and wouldnt) during normal times.

when u open up to pple that choose to talk to u at such times.

my frd (who initiated the chat with me) says she's worried to talk to me. cos she might just tell me all her secrets. and then she will need to silence me... *hahaha*

on my end, i'm not worried abt that. cos (in a bad sense) i'm nt exactly a very open person.

for most pple, they need to make the 1st initial effort to step into my world 1st. few bother to, and even fewer dare to i guess.

late nights are "sappy songs" time for me. tt's why i love gg for livebands at night.

late nights are "space" time for me. if only i stay nearer to ECP or Marina...

late nights are times when i think of pple that matter to me, but no longer so accessible to me.

late nights.