Thursday, April 22, 2010

Truly so Touched

I received a msg from FB last week. It was JC who asked if I'm free to meet up since my bday is coming. I was really touched. I mean, that's like 3 weeks before the actual day! The 1st gang to wanna meet me, with no hidden agenda, other than to spend time with me...

On Tues I got a msg from CM. She was trying to make arrangements for our meet-up and guess what? It materialized the very next day! I'm touched cos 2 mummies and a busy banker made time for me within such short notice... We usually take so long to arrange and many a times, some cannot turn up for various reasons. They decided to meet earlier cos JC if flying off to Taiwan tmr...

We went to a Jap restaurant for dinner: *TADA*

After buying raincoats (yes JC insists on getting them here even though there are going to be tons in Taiwan tmr when she flies over), we went to get a drink. Here's the cake:

They insisted that I eat more of it (which I didnt) since it was my "bday" cake. I told that it's not, COS I paid half for it lo... *hehehe*
Test shot which turned out quite nice:

A rather unwilling customer took this for us. But I LOVE THIS PICT!!!

Thanks gals! Even though you might never read this (although I did mention to you all about this blog some time back) and I had summarized my thoughts in an sms to you all yest...
Thanks for the many yrs of friendship we have had since 1997. Thanks for being my angels since JC to Uni to now. Always buying notes for me, reserving seats for me, lending me your tutorials, teaching me in subjects that I'm weaker at (I think I owe you all my As cert and my Uni degree) and for the loads of fun that we always have when we hang out. Yes many times I literally cry while laughing with you gals.
Thanks for everything and I LOVE YOU ALL!!! =)))
Let our Batam trip materialize really really soon!!!