Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12 Feb 2011

A day of insignificance to many. After all, what is it in comparison to today, 14 Feb 2011?

But that infortunately marks the date that I would never see the following words in the same light again: drop dead, Roland restaurant.

What started off as a call to locate someone that is kinda related to us but not seen and only heard of for more than 20 years turned out to be an event that would change things forever.

From frantic search to relief that she is found (so that the trip to the hospital would not be necessary), to unbelief and then denial, and finally to reality sinking in at the hospital eventually. All these happened within a span of less than 4 hours. The night marked the 3rd or perhaps 4th time we all saw our cousin; in all her 18years of age.

Would the departure bring about a reconciliation? Or would things stay the same, just with one less person around during gatherings and whose absence is felt much more? The hearty laughter, the choir / chinese orchestral stories have unexpectedly ceased prematurely on this 10th day of the lunar new year.

Someone that would be dearly missed and always remembered - Uncle Victor

The last (almost) full family photo