Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I would very much like to

I finally went for my FIRST jog of 2011 today. Long overdue but well....

Just a thought that crossed my mind seeing all the kids ending school in the evening and the parents picking them up: I would very much like to do that for my kid next time.

My parent have never picked me up after school before. Not in pre-school, kindergarden, primary school nor the others. My dearest nanny picked my up from pre-school and kindergarden. The school bus picked me up in lower primary. I went home myself from upper primary onwards.

Seeing how the parents / grandparents / maid picked the kids up just now, I was kinda envious of them. No one used to carry my bag for me, no one except me and occassionally the maid we used to have.

I wanna grow up together with my children next time. To see them through the different stages in life. The many times I told myself, the many statements that were said to me, "I will never ever say that to my children next time." To not treat them as a money plant.

From Have a Little Faith (paraphrased):
Do you think that your parents are perfect, or do they need improvement? They are not perfect since no one is, but neither do they need improvement.

What do you think?