Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The "new" generation of the Older generation

Nowadays I seemed to have "lost" to the "older" generation in terms of certain things. Mentalities and even phrases of speech. Below are real life examples that I have encountered (so far):

1) The using of WTH
Eg. The doc anyhow say one, say my bones degenerating. WTH man he!
[I'm still revving to come to terms with this. Because even I myself have not used this in my speech before...]

2) Not married but stays with the significant other at the age of 50++
[Wide-eyed amazed that the older-older generation can accept that...]

3) Having more types and quantity of face masks in the fridge than me.

I guess as time goes by, the list will get longer as I start to ponder once again. Have I "aged" before my time?