Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As I was playing with my new toy these few days, I realised that our life is very much like a "role-playing" game. You know how some games put you through certain scenarios or story lines and then let you choose the responses and then wire the other characters and next few scenes according to the response? I feel that life in essence is the same thing.

We live through life going through various "situations", we choose the various "responses" and then people around us will respons accordingly to whatever we say and do. And things happen according to our responses as well. According to our responses, people form a mental picture of us - so either their impression gets better (+ve points in the game) or worse (-ve points in the game).

And we know the aim of the game, let's say to get through to "High School" with good grades (romance is a plus if we can impress the right character) or to solve a "Murder Mystery". So accordingly, we choose hoping that it is the right response which will lead us to the "right" ending.

The only difference? The game that I play gives me a score at the end of each "chapter" so that I know where I stand and whether I am still "in the league" of attaining the desired ending. But life doesn't. The game allows me to "replay" my "chapter" should I feel that I did not perform as well as I should, giving me the hindsight that my earlier responses were not so correct for some of the scenarios. But life doesn't.

However. We all do have something that helps us in this little "game" that we play, called life. And that is my little black book and The Gentleman.

I need to learn to lean on them more daily. So that even though there are no "replays" in this "game" we play, I know I will still "play" it the right way - with their help.