Monday, January 21, 2008

My Journey Home...

I purposed in my heart to go home EARLY today and I did...


I finished my GST!!!!! Finally.... Hopefully there aren't too many errors cos actually I dun really remember how to do it since I had only done it once in Nov and L has left.... =( Nevermind, meeting her tmr for lunch! =)

Bumped into YL on the MRT. Was rather surprised actually. Didn't quite recognise her initially cos she was wearing shorts and playing a PSP. But when her HP rang, recognised her unique way of answering it. =)

As usual, we talked about the few things that we share in common - XXX.

Sounds like a whole new world since I've gone for almost 1.5yrs. Still remember the initial few people that were there when I 1st got in. How things have changed... Everyone that I'm close to from there have left or are leaving, kinda sad... But heard to S is going in. Good for you! *JIAYOU*

But this made me think of something that happened last Tuesday during ZM. I was being introduced by someone to this new PCGL that just came into ZM. Cannot say that I was anything near glad to what that person said:
"Hi, this is Sab Wong. Used to be a XX but X cos she couldn't take the hard work."

I was stunned when I heard that but I pretended that nothing happened and joked about how I was being introduced. And I thought to myself, how unfair. This person obviously knew NOTHING about what happened to pass such a judgment/statement on me. And now this thing will stick in the mind of the new PCGL...

Whatever. I dun need to prove anything. I gave my best.

Things have changed. So so so so so different. But I believe that God will always provide, there is no lack especially in the KOG.

All the best my friends! I miss ya all, all the times we stayed late, our lunches and whatever things that transpired within that period of time. We will soar on the wings of eagles to fulfil the 3rd portion of our Life Message - Cultural Mandate. =)