Thursday, October 16, 2008


作词:杨明学 作曲:李偲松

Standing again at your doorstep, we fall into morose silence again
This kind of expectation harboured by only one party
How much longer can it last

At last, you described to me how gentle she is
Though you are still holding on to my hand
I am no longer in your heart

我真的懂 你不是喜新厌旧
I truly understand that you are not favouring the new against the old
是我 没有
It's me, I haven't
Stayed by your side when you were lonely

别再看著我说著你爱过 别太伤痛
Don't look at me and said that I have loved before, and shouldn't be too hurt
我不难过 这不算什么
I am not sad, this is nothing
It is just that why the tears are flowing, I do not know

就让我走 让我开始享受自由
Just let me go, and get started in savouring freedom
回忆很多 你的影子也会充满我生活
There are many memories, and even the shadow of you can fill my life
我并不懦弱 你比谁都懂
I am not being weak, you of all people should understand this
虽然寂寞 这会是我 最后的宽容
Though I would be lonely, this shall be my last concession

抱紧我 再抱紧我
Hug me tightly, and hug me tightly again
这一份感动 就请你让我留在胸口
This exhilarating captivation, please let me keep it in my chest
别再说 是你的错
Do not say anymore that it is your fault
爱到了尽头 是非对错
When love is at its end, there is no right and wrong
就让它随风 忘了所有 过的比你快活
Let it drift away with the wind, and let us forget everything. I'm living better than you

真的懂 你不是喜新厌旧
I truly understand that you are not favouring the new against the old
不要再说 或许这是最好的结果
Do not say anymore that this is, perhaps, the best ending
现在分手 总好过你不爱我一拖再拖
Breaking up now is better than dragging a relationship without love
松开你的手 离开你左右
Releasing your hands, leaving your side
我向前走 这会是我真正的解脱
I am walking forward, this shall be my true release