Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pst K's Bday Celebration Video 2008

Ok ok... I know I'm kinda late in putting and writing about this. But when I read it in Bee's blog, I simply cannot help but put it here.

What she wrote is so so so true.

Many times we often give ourselves excuses for not giving our 100%. We tell ourselves that we have our own lives to live, we're not full-time staff (at least not any longer for me) and definitely not getting paid for what we do since very often what we do does not render us any appreciation from people at all. Yet we forget about our spiritual parents; how they have laid down their lives for the same God, did their best though they do not get paid from the church as well. Worse still, public scrutiny is on them all the time and what seems like the right thing to do in God's eyes "rewards" them with criticisms from the very people that call themselves our "brothers & sisters".

No doubt that life is tough. You are tired. So am I. Well, so are Sun & Pst K. Yet they just keep moving on like clock-work. Why? Because they do not just look at the present. But like Jesus they look at the Joy that was set before them and so strength comes from seeing the future. So what do you see? What do I see?

God, let me see what Sun & Pst K sees. What Pst Z sees. I want to run the race together with them and be in the league with the other Heroes of Faith. Ok, I dun think I will ever qualify to be their league. I do not mind being a backup for the league. Perhaps I do not even qualify to be a backup. But no matter what, I just wanna be there at the "trials". I wanna carry the same genes, the same DNA. To be their matured "son".

So what do you see? Do you see what my Dad sees? Do you see what my spiritual parents see?

Are you willing to be a "son" in CHC?

I've seen you standing alone and face the fight
When others laid their weapons down
And headed for home
I've seen you face the fire and come out shining like gold,
And I want you to know...

I've seen you lay visions down for someone else
And give your life as a sacrifice, no fanfare around
I've watched you weather storms that would have left others drowned,
And this is what I've found:

You are my hero, my knight in shining armor
A warrior of God's grace, standing alone faithfully
You are my hero, you're a light that pierces darkness
With love that's not afraid to fight for someone like me,
Encouraging me to stand firm and free
You are my hero! (X2)

I've seen you look down the road and see beyond
The miles and head for truth in faith while bearing a load
I've heard your anguished cries for grace and watched joy unfold,
And I wan you to know:

I've seen you face death with a deep burning faith
That stirs up the passion in me!
Your heart, like A fire, abounding in grace,
A beacon helping others to see; help set me free