Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Starking Discovery

At the "strange" wedding that I was at last night (strange cos it's the ONLY wedding that I didn't take a photo with the couple throughout the whole night), I made a startling discovery!

That I've actually been to Taiwan TWICE instead of just once!!! Dun ask me why I totally forgot about my 1st trip there... But it's more of like, mixing and combining my 2 trips there together that I kinda like cannot differentiate which trip is which until I really think carefully which pertains to which.

And so this means that I've been to the following countries (excluding nearby trips and those that for other strange reasons I've also forgotten about them):

- 2003: Taiwan (Sun concert)
- 2004: Israel
- 2006: Taiwan (Emerge)
- 2007: NEA I
- 2008: NEA II

Cool! =)

I think I need to go to the other side of the globe and get out of the big ASIA. Any sponsors?