Monday, October 27, 2008

My First Attempt at Cheesecake-Making...

When my colleague out of the blue made and brought cheesecake for us some time back, I've already set in my heart that I was going to somehow try it out someday.

And well, yesterday was that day.

And so while I went out on Sat to buy safety pins (of which when I came back I realised that someone tried to commit suicide RIGHT OUTSIDE my hse - but that's another story), I detoured to buy cheese all ready for the great feat on Sunday.

But I'm sad to announced that I F.A.I.L.E.D... ='(

Turns out that cos my biscuit was not the really dry kind, hence I had put in too much Margarine. Then cos my water was not hot enough for the gelatine to melt, I poured away most of it and hence my poor cake is kinda "mashy" when you try to lift it off the tray. So So So SADZ...


I've bought back-up to try again. HA.

Just for the fun and while I still have spare money to "play" with before BF comes along... =)

This time I made chocolate cheesecake. Next up - Oreo cheesecake, here I come!