Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This morning someone gave me a call in office that REALLY scared me.

When I answered it, I was still kinda stunned as to how she found me. And then I realised that I must have indicated where I worked on the online site that she is linked to me on. So it's kinda like, she went to search for my office number to contact me when she in a sense doesn't exactly know me. Erhm, ok to make it not so scary, she's actually from a headhunting firm.

But that scared me enough to remove most of my personal information on Facebook. Which in turn sparked off something really funny. But that's another story. =)

Next up, clearing all personal information from Friendster when I've the time to access that.

Meanwhile, you should do the same to clear any personal information from all your online social sites. You never know how someone you do not know will actually trace your whereabouts...