Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I know this is Bimbotic

Okok... I know to say this is a very bimbotic thing, especially at my age...

But well, I saw 2 REALLY CUTE guys just now! Ha. =)

One was the new gym instructor. Really Cute. And the other instructor was going like, "dun you all find him familiar? Well maybe if he takes off his top then you all will." And I was going like, yeah, what a thing to say...

And then when I was going to the washroom, I suddenly say him on a poster outside our changing room advertising for some beach thingy.

Next was the doctor that I saw after my gym. Well I'm not sick at the moment. But I decided to go take the long-awaited chicken pox jab cos 2 (!!!!!) of my colleagues are down with it and I'm seriously worried. And so I went to the 24hr clinic near my house and I was seriously pleasantly surprised then I saw such a cute doctor!


Not that it made my day but well, guess it made my day end on a "higher" note? Ha. =)