Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My First Hairy Crab Experience

It's one of those random sudden lunch treats from the big boss again. And this time, it's to some chinese restaurant near a hotel next to Peninsular Plaza.

Starters was something that really freaked me out - duck's tongue!!!


It looks really scary... while the rest of my colleagues chomp on it as if it's something that they eat often...

*faintz again*

The next starters that came was duck's webbed feet & wing... I skipped this as well. Imagine eating the web?!?!?! It is just me??? :/

Thankfully the next thing that was served was nice & NORMAL chicken soup. HOWEVER, they served it in a small teapot instead of the usual bowl. So imagine my shock when they poured the stuff out from the teapot into a small cup and then told us that it's soup. And inside the teapot were all the good ingredients like chicken, mushroom, dried scallops and some kind of shell fish.

Next came the main "attraction" of the day - Hairy Crabs! They served it as individual portions - one for each of us. First time I ate crab roe (I'm serious) and it tasted kinda unique and sweet. But it was really nice... =) I took so so so long to eat it cos at the same time we all had to ensure that we dun "seah suay" in front of the big boss using our hands to eat.


I took photos of the teapot and the stuff that they gave us to eat the crab with. Really cool! I'll upload when I've the time. =)

Then came the ginger tea to ward off the "coolness" from the crab. Followed by abalone of individual servings for each of us... Yes I know you're thinking that I'm really very fortunate right now...

Then more duck came (which I skipped cos I dun fancy it). Vegetables was some you mai cai from china followed by Rice noodles with more crab meat... I skipped dessert and just stuck to the complimentary fruits.

And so that was my 1st experience with the Hairy Crab. Kinda strange that people prefer this to my fave Black Pepper Crab or Butter Snow Crab???? =)


Anonymous said...

1) I wouldnt have eaten the duck web feet either ;)

2) You should have got a pic of the hairy crab